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Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting with SoftOrbits Software - Picture to Painting Converter. It converts all the pictures into beautiful and attractive watercolor paintings with just a few clicks.

Many people want to add artistic touches to their photos to make them more attractive. Uploading such pictures on social media accounts has become a trend and is appreciated everywhere.
For this, there are many tools and software available. However, using them is complex, and it takes time to learn them and be perfect. Mostly picture to painting conversion is given to graphic designers, and hiring them costs money.
Because of this, nowadays, developers have created much new software to convert photos to watercolor paintings easily. For this, users do not need to know a lot of technical jargon, and it is really easy to use.

Best Apps to Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting Free and Paid

There are many convert photo to watercolor painting free and paid software available, but the best one out of all of them is SoftOrbits Photo to Painting Converter.

This is a creative tool; many people use it to add effects to their photos. Photos and drawings can be uploaded to this software to convert into oil paintings. You can also take the picture in landscape mode and convert it into a watercolor painting.
You can convert your simple photos or memories into beautiful caricatures and artistic pieces that you can easily give to your friends and family or put up in your house. You can also use them for greeting or Christmas cards and postcards.
A great feature of the Picture to Painting Converter is that other than watercolors. It also has other presets, which you can use and apply to your paintings. These preset include oil painting, comic and cartoon effects, caricature etc.
Another great feature of the Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting Software by SoftOrbits is that it can instantly convert multiple pictures. So you do not need to adjust the settings repeatedly for a single image. You can fix the settings once, save it and then apply it to as many images as you want in the Batch Mode.

Watercolor Generator to Convert Photo to Watercolor

SoftOrbits's software that converts photos to watercolor painting has a special program that provides the watercolor filter. For this, it uses a combination of many complex algorithms. These algorithms work together to create the watercolor effect and give an artistic impression to explicit photos. It is amazing to use since the user has to click a few options while the picture-to-watercolor conversion software does all the hard work.
Besides a watercolor generator, this software provides many other filters that can be used on your photos.
Some of these presets include:
  • Custom Artistic Filter: This filter can be used to create a custom filter of your choice and applies it to the picture. You can also save the filter for future use to give your pictures a more artistic feel. This filter is also known as the Prizmo filter.
  • Artistic Filter Picture to Painting Converter..

  • Impressionism/Pointillism: impressionist paintings are very attractive and give off a very vintage vibe. You can add such impressions to your plain paintings and give them to your friends or family. The software provides such filters that can convert your pictures to artistic masterpieces.
  • Impressionism filter Picture to Painting Converter..

  • Oil Painting: Normally, paying artists to create oil paintings for you cost a lot of money. But now, with the help of the SoftOrbits Picture to Painting converter, this can be done very easily. Only a few clicks will change your picture or landscape image to a beautiful oil painting.
  • Oil Painting filter Picture to Painting Converter..

  • Comics and Cartoon Effects: Cartoon effects and caricatures are very popular ideas for logos and watermarks. This software provides filters that convert your pictures into illustrations.
  • Watercolor: This preset is the one that is most commonly used to apply a watercolor filter on your pictures. It makes the pictures more beautiful and gives an artistic touch to them.
Watercolor filter Picture to Painting Converter..

How to Turn Photo into Watercolor

This watercolor software is very easy to download and use and does not take up a lot of space on your PC. After downloading, you must follow a few steps to convert the image to a watercolor painting. These steps are given below.

Step by Step by Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting Software

Open the SoftOrbits Picture to Watercolor Painting Converter.

Picture to Painting Converter program..

Click on the Add Files button and choose the image you want to convert from your PC or laptop.

Add an image into Picture to Painting Converter program..

Select the preset Watercolor Painting. It will show you the image preview after converting it to an image. There are also presets to choose from, such as Artistic, Impressionist and Oil painting.

Select preset Watercolor Painting in the Picture to Painting Converter program..

If you want to give more details to your paintings, the watercolor program also provides several tools for you to do that. These include canvas texture, intensity type and length, density, thickness, number of strokes, level of detail, and brush shape.

Select additional options of Picture to Painting Converter program..

You can check the result in the Preview mode. After you are satisfied with the result, click Save and download the high-quality picture.

Save result Picture to Painting Converter program..

Picture to Painting Converter Picture to Painting Converter

Create Perfect Imitations of Real Paintings from Your Photos

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Video Tutorials

Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting Software | Free Download

Another great software feature is the Batch Processing Mode. In this mode, you can select multiple images and then apply the preset you selected to all of them simultaneously. You can also make special changes with the tools provided and convert multiple photos into watercolor paintings.

How to convert photo to watercolor painting in Photoshop

Photoshop is a tool that experts mostly use for their graphic designing gigs. But that doesn’t mean that others cannot use it. The tool provides a Photoshop watercolor filter that makes normal images look like watercolor paintings.

You should follow the following steps to convert your image to watercolor painting.

Open the image you want to convert.

Photoshop add an image..

Add the paper texture after downloading it and embed it on the layer.

Photoshop add water paper..

Go to the blending mode and select Multiply.

Photoshop Select Multiply..

Select the main image layer and convert it into Smart Object.

Photoshop convert into Smart Object..

Then from the main menu, go to File, then Filter Gallery and then Dry Brush and set the brush size, brush detail and texture.

Photoshop select filter Dry Brush..

Then from Filter Gallery, select the Cut Out and adjust Number of Levels, Edge Simplicity and Edge Fidelity.

Photoshop select filter Cut Out..

From the Filter option, select Blur and then Smart blur and change Radius and Threshold.

Photoshop select Smart blur..

Then, from Filter, go to Stylize and Find Edges and edit the Find Edges and Smart Blur filter.

Photoshop select Find Edges..

After that, change the blending mode of Smart Blur filter and lower the opacity to reduce smoothness and brighten the image.
Change the Blending mode of Find Edges Filter to Multiply and decrease opacity.
Click on the Add Layer Mask Icon to add a layer mask to convert the picture to watercolor.
Use the watercolor brushes and paint over the parts of the image you want to display. After that Save File.

Photoshop save result..

Watercolor Filter and Plug-ins for Photoshop

Mostly all the filters and plug-ins are pre-installed in Photoshop. However, if you want to add additional effects for watercolor, there are some plug-ins and tools you can install for better effects. A photo effect plug-in is used for watercolor effects, which you can install from the official website. Other than this, you can download different kinds of brushes from the internet for detailed strokes.

Best Software to Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting for PC (Free and Paid)

You can easily download and run many apps on your Windows PC. They all have useful characteristics and features, making them a favorite of many graphic designers and artists. Some of the more common ones are given below.

Corel Painter 2021

Corel Painter 2021..

This is one of the best tools that converts photos into watercolor paintings. It has many attractive features and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
It has many interesting filters, such as oil paintings, watercolor effects, thick paint cover, advanced layer control, clone tinting, etc. It also has almost 900 different kinds of brushes and many different illustration options, such as caricature, manga, fine art, photo art, concept images, etc. Such different options and modes help users to create beautiful and artistic illustrations.
This tool has no subscription costs. You have to buy the full version once, and you can enjoy all its services. You can also use the demo mode and check for yourself before buying the product.



inPixio is the tool for professionals and is the best option if you want to add the final refined touches to your pictures. It provides many different kinds of filters, such as watercolor filters, oil paintings etc., that you can use to add an artistic touch to your photos.
You can also remove the background of the image and change it. Renewing your images and giving them a softer look is a very good option.
It is very easy to use as you only have to click on a few options, and many colorful and exciting features will enhance the beauty of your pictures.

Best Apps to Convert Photos to Watercolor Painting

Convert photos to watercolor painting apps are easy to use and do not take up a lot of space on the device. Some apps are specific for a specific operating system, while others can be used on multiple platforms. This section will describe some of the top picks by customers with their attractive customers.

Watercolor Camera

Some of the top watercolor camera apps for Android and iOS, which have great features and do not take up a lot of space, are given below.


QniPaint Watercolor..

It is one of the best convert photo to watercolor painting apps. You can see the preview as you make changes and have full control over the detail, color filter, paper type and brightness. This app has two modes, i.e., people mode and scene mode, with which you can adjust the filter according to the image. You can download the result in HD quality and upload it on social media.

Glaze App

Glaze App..

Glaze app is one of the best watercolor apps for iOS. It has almost 36 textures available in the free version, while more are available for $2.99. You can also create your filters and add them to specific parts of the picture. It can make unique textures. This converts photos to watercolor painting app works best on images with completely different colors.

How to Turn Photo to Watercolor Painting on Android

Android offers many great watercolor apps. One of the best apps is given below.



This is just like the Android version of Photoshop and has a variety of filters and effects that can be used on pictures. Even if you cannot find the perfect filter you are looking for, it has different editing options and tutorials that make it easier for the person to get the perfect watercolor filter he wants.
There are many additional options and advertisement-free options which you can unlock with a subscription. A downside of this app is that it takes up a lot of space on your mobile phone.

Photo to Watercolor Painting Apps for iPhone and IPad

To create brilliant illustrations and put watercolor and other filters on images on your iPad, the following is one of the best watercolor apps.



This is the best watercolor app with many other features that make the picture more artistic and add color. This app can add cool watercolor filters to pictures, GIFs, and PDF pictures. You can buy this app from the Apple store for $9.99 only.

Convertion photo to watercolor on Mac

In the Mac Apple Store, amazing apps can add watercolor filters easily.

Waterlogue Pro

Waterlogue Pro..

You only have to adjust a few settings to get several preset watercolor filters, and you can also customize and save your favorite ones. It has many options that you can play with. It also allows you to create new portraits and illustrations that you can easily download in high quality.

Convert Image into Watercolor Online

Downloading tools is a good option when you want to convert many images, but if you want to convert only once, many online tools are also available. They take up no space, and everything is done with the help of JavaScript on your browser, so you don’t have to worry about getting your picture leaked.
Some of the best watercolor filters online are given below.



It is a converted picture to a watercolor app that works in just a few simple clicks. It also provides security, and you can download the final output easily.

  1. Open the PhotoFunia Tool.
  2. Choose a Photo from the gallery or click one at that time.
  3. After you have uploaded the picture, you can crop it if you want.
  4. Then click on the Go button to convert picture to watercolor painting free.
  5. Click on the Download option and the result will be saved.



It is also an amazing tool that adds watercolor filters online easily. You can get a good image result at the end, and the watercolor effects are also very artistic.

  1. Open the LunaPic tool.
  2. Upload the picture from the device’s gallery or upload it through URL.
  3. It shows you the preview after turning a photo into a watercolor painting. You can adjust the colors and the amount of filter that has been added.
  4. There are also many other presets to choose from. After you are done, you can click on the Save button present below the image or directly import it to your social media accounts.

Convert Photo to Watercolor Painting with SoftOrbits Software - Picture to Painting Converter. It converts all the pictures into beautiful and attractive watercolor paintings with just a few clicks.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Photoshop can add watercolor effects by first converting it into Smart Object. Then you have to adjust the modes of layers and merge them accordingly with the image. The brushes are used to add a watercolor filter wherever you want. You can also add brush strokes to make your picture more realistic.

You can use SoftOrbits Picture to Painting Converter to convert any image easily to watercolor painting. You have to upload the picture, add the watercolor effect, and make any adjustments if you want. After you are satisfied with the preview, you can easily download it.

Upload the image to GIMP and create a duplicate layer of the image you will work on. With the smudge tool, smudge the corners of the photo to get a blurry effect. From the menu, go to Filter, then Artistic and then Oilify and adjust to get the watercolor effect. Save your image.

There are many online tools available that can easily add watermark filters to your pictures. Some of the popular ones include LunaPic and PhotoFunia. You must upload the picture, and the watercolor effect will be added automatically. After you are satisfied with the results, you can download the image.

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