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  2. 2️⃣ Upload FLAC Files.
  3. 3️⃣ Specify Compression Settings.
  4. 4️⃣ Click Convert.

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Hey fellow music aficionado! 🤘 Ever felt like your iPhone's playlist was stuck in the MP3 Stone Age? I get it – the struggle is real! If you're vibing with popular tunes like me, you've probably hit a wall trying to switch from MP3s to the Apple-friendly ALAC format. I've got the lowdown on how to convert those elusive FLAC files to ALAC.
But fear not, I've got the scoop on the best solution – SoftOrbits Video Converter Software. 🎵🍏
Join me as I guide you through using SoftOrbits and spill the beans on alternative methods like:

  • VLC Media Player
  • Online Conversion Tools

Let's turn your iPhone into a world music haven, one ALAC file at a time! 🚀🌍

Way #1: SoftOrbits Video Converter

SoftOrbits Video Converter is my go-to on both Windows and Mac. Lights, camera, SoftOrbits to my rescue!

Add FLAC files into SoftOrbits Video Converter..

Converting FLAC to ALAC: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to convert your FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files to ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), we've got you covered with this step-by-step guide.

Use to use FLAC to ALAC Converter for Windows PC

Install SoftOrbits Audio Converter

Embark on a seamless installation process by visiting the official SoftOrbits website. Download the software, then run the installer file. Then I follow the on-screen instructions to elegantly install the program on your PC.

Install SoftOrbits Video Converter Download..

Add FLAC files to the converter

I launch SoftOrbits FLAC to ALAC Converter and click on the Add Files button. Browse your computer and select the FLAC files you want to convert to ALAC. Click Open to add them to the converter.

Add FLAC files into SoftOrbits Video Converter..

Choose the output format as ALAC

Head to the output format section, I click that trusty drop-down menu, and there it is – ALAC, the chosen one! SoftOrbits Audio Converter has your back, supporting an array of audio formats, with ALAC leading the harmony. Your music, your format – let the conversion symphony begin!

 SoftOrbits Video Converter: ALAC Format as output..

Select the output folder

In SoftOrbits Audio Converter, hit Browse next to Output Folder, pick where your ALAC gems will shine, and click OK. Your destination is set – let the conversion spotlight illuminate your chosen folder!

SoftOrbits Video Converter output folder..

Start the conversion process

Before starting the conversion, you can customize the audio settings if needed. Once you're ready, click the Convert button to convert the FLAC files to ALAC. The software will perform the conversion process swiftly.

SoftOrbits Video Converter in work..

Simply follow these steps, and let the magic unfold. SoftOrbits Audio Converter ensures top audio quality and perfect compatibility with your devices.

SoftOrbits MP3 Converter SoftOrbits MP3 Converter

SoftOrbits MP3 Converter is a truly universal tool for converting music and audio clips between different formats. The tool supports lossless audio conversion while offering the ability to switch audio codecs and bitrates.

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Video Tutorials

Best FLAC to ALAC Converter - Windows 11, 10 PC, Free Download

Alternate Methods for Converting FLAC to ALAC

Here are a few options to consider:
  • VLC Media Player
  • Online Conversion Tools

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Way #2: 🎵 Smooth Conversion: FLAC to ALAC with VLC Player 🎶

If you're a fan of simplicity and have VLC Player in your toolkit, converting to ALAC is a breeze. Follow these steps for a harmonious transformation:

Using VLC Player

Open VLC Player

Launch your VLC Player on your preferred platform – Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Navigate to Media: Click on Media in the top menu bar and choose Convert/Save.

Add FLAC Files

In the File tab, click Add to import your cherished FLAC files.

Choose ALAC as Output: After adding files, click on the drop-down menu next to Convert/Save and select Convert.

Select ALAC Format

In the profile dropdown, pick Audio - Apple Lossless Audio (ALAC).

Set Destination

Click Browse to choose where the converted files will land.

Initiate Conversion: Hit Start to kick off the transformation from FLAC to ALAC.

VLC Player, known for its versatility, handles this conversion with grace. Enjoy your newfound ALAC audio files, perfectly tuned for compatibility across devices.

Way #3: For Linux 🐧 users and Geeks 💪: FLAC to ALAC Conversion with Command-Line Tools (FFMPEG)

If you're using Linux and looking to change FLAC into ALAC, you can rely on command-line tools like FFMPEG. With FFmpeg, a powerful and versatile multimedia framework, you can perform various audio and video tasks, including format conversion.
Converting to ALAC on Linux using ffmpeg involves using the appropriate command syntax and specifying the input and output files. When you use the command line, you can control the conversion process and customize parameters according to your preferences.

FFMpeg command to convert FLAC to ALAC

ffmpeg -i track.flac -acodec alac track.m4a

find -name "*.flac" -exec ffmpeg -i {} -acodec alac -ab 128k {}.m4a \;

FFMPEG is a widely used tool in the Linux community due to its extensive capabilities and support for numerous multimedia formats.
Using the power of command-line tools like FFmpeg, Linux users can efficiently convert their FLAC audio files to the ALAC format. This will give you a great compatibility and media players.

Way #4: Elegance in Simplicity - Ideal for a Few, Not the Many Files: Converting FLAC to ALAC using Online Tools 🌐🎶

Using Online Converter

Visit an Online Converter: Go to a reliable online converter that supports both FLAC and ALAC formats:

Upload Your FLAC Files:

Click the Choose Files button to select your FLAC files.

You can also batch convert multiple FLAC files to ALAC format.

Adjust Audio Options (Optional):

If needed, click the gearwheel icon to open the Audio Options window.

Here, you can setup audio parameters like volume, fade-in, fade-out.

Start the Conversion:

Click the Convert to ALAC button to begin the transformation.

Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to download your newly converted ALAC files.
Enjoy your high-quality ALAC audio files! 🎶🍎

FLAC vs ALAC Audio Formats

FLAC vs ALAC Audio Formats..

Here's a breakdown of the key differences between FLAC and ALAC:

Bit Depth4 to 3216, 20, 24, and 32
Sample Rate10 to 655kHz (10Hz increments)Maximum 384kHz
Channels of Audio88
File SizeAbout 60% smaller than AIFF and WAVAbout 5–12% smaller than FLAC
CompatibilitySupports many devices and apps except Apple iTunes and iDevicesWorks on all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, Airplay, etc.

How to Convert Flac To Alac On Mac

SoftOrbits provides a convenient solution with its user-friendly interface and efficient conversion capabilities for Windows and Mac users. Download the MAC version of the software and convert your FLAC files to ALAC effortlessly.SoftOrbits Video Converter is available for this operating system if you're using macOS. With its seamless integration and intuitive features, you can convert your FLAC files to ALAC without any hassle. Download the software designed specifically for macOS and enjoy the benefits of lossless audio conversion.

Solve the problem of converting FLAC to ALAC with ease using SoftOrbits Video Converter. Preserve audio quality and compatibility between different devices. Try it now!
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Use a reliable FLAC to ALAC converter software by SoftOrbits. Download and install the software, add your FLAC files, choose ALAC as the output format, and start the conversion process. SoftOrbits FLAC to Apple Lossless Converter ensures high-quality audio conversion while maintaining the lossless characteristics of the original FLAC files.

it is possible to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless (ALAC) without losing audio quality. Both FLAC and ALAC are lossless audio formats, meaning they preserve the original audio quality without any loss in fidelity. It is important to use a reliable converter that ensures bit-perfect conversion, maintains the original audio characteristics, and avoids resampling or interpolation artefacts. Software like SoftOrbits Video Converter is specifically designed to handle lossless audio conversion. It ensures the resulting ALAC files retain the same high-quality audio as the original FLAC files.

Yes, when converting FLAC files to ALAC, it is possible to preserve the metadata and album art. Dedicated FLAC to ALAC converter software, such as SoftOrbits Video Converter, is designed to retain all relevant metadata and album art during conversion. This means that after converting your FLAC files to ALAC, the resulting ALAC files will contain the same metadata information, including artist, album, track number, genre, and more. Additionally, the album art associated with the FLAC files will be carried over to the ALAC files, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent music library experience.

Both FLAC and ALAC are excellent audio formats. FLAC offers a higher level of compression, resulting in smaller file sizes. ALAC provides seamless integration with Apple devices and software. The choice between FLAC and ALAC ultimately depends on personal preferences and requirements. If you prioritize compatibility with Apple devices and software like iTunes, Apple Music, and Airplay, ALAC is the best one.

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