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The SoftOrbits Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter program can turn any image into an accurate sketch. With different styles and presets like pop art, pen drawing, high contrast sketch etc., you can now give your images a beautiful twist!

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Great photos are pieces of art. But nowadays, even the best photo with amazing color gets only a few seconds of glance. People keep scrolling on social media, with thousands of photos to view.
With some creative editing, you can give your images extra magic, which will hold everyone’s attention! Using Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter, you can take images to the next level and stand out in the crowd. Moreover, sketches and drawings make amazing gifts for your friends and family. You can even use such pencil sketches to practice your drawing and painting skills!

Convert Photos to Pencil Sketches..
Software to Convert Photos to Pencil Sketches..

Let us learn to turn any photo into a realistic sketch within seconds.

How to Turn Your Photos into Pencil Sketches

SoftOrbits image to pencil sketch converter makes creating a drawing from a photo easy. You will get options to control things like shading, edges, colors, the intensity of the detailing, and much more.
And the best part is that you don’t need to be a sketch artist yourself! Photo to pencil drawing converter detects the outlines and colors of the photo on its own and shows a live preview, so you can see the changes while editing.

Here are the steps you can follow!

Add file

Install photo-to-pencil shading converter software on your computer and open it. You will see an Add File option, which can be used to upload the image to be edited. You may drag and drop the photo too.

Turn Your Photos into Pencil Sketches..

Select sketch style

Image to pencil drawing converter will show you a toolbox on the right. It contains the different styles and presets you can use to create a drawing and other settings to control the color, intensity, etc.

There are three styles offered – Realistic, Detailed, and Classic. Let us learn a little about them in brief!

Realistic Style: This style works well for most photos since it balances detailed shading with a minimal look. It is great if you want to retain the light and shadows from the photo but want to avoid a lot of complex hatching and lines.

Detailed Style: Detailed style will focus on converting almost every pixel of your image into a sketch without leaving any blank space. For example, this style will change detailed areas like trees and hair of a person into a detailed sketch. Even white areas will be given some light shading here!

Classic Style: Classic style is perhaps the closest to a simple pencil sketch. It is great for portraits since it keeps the outline and features of the face but does not add unnatural details or shading. Classic is great for making line drawings with a soft look!

Select sketch style..

Select the preset

While the style decides the overall look of the photo, the preset will control the shading and colors used, like a filter for selfies. All three styles contain many presets each!

For example, image to pencil art converter gives you effects like a felt-tip pen, pastels, color drawing, expressive, and much more. We will discuss a few important presets in the next section.

Select the preset to Convert Photos to Pencil Sketches..

Adjust the final settings

After you have selected the style and preset for your photo, you can make subtle changes to the sketch's contour, edges, and shading. These options are available in the toolbox itself!

We will go through these settings later.

Select settings of photo to pencil art converter..

Save file

After completing all the adjustments, click the Run button. Photo to pencil art converter will convert your image, which you can save!

Select settings of pic to pencil drawing converter..

Sketch Drawer Sketch Drawer

Sketch Drawer: a Handy Photo to Sketch Converter

 Download for Free

Ho to use A.I. Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter Free Download

Best Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter, free download by SoftOrbits, uses smart algorithms to help you create the perfect pencil sketch. With more than a dozen presets available, you will always find the one which works perfectly for your image.
Convert Your Photo into a Sketch with AI..

In this section, we’ll review a few of the best ones!

1. Light brown: As the name suggests,1. The Light Brown preset will give you a sketch that looks like it’s been made with an HB pencil. It works well for still life and simple nature photos since the light brown feels natural and rustic.

2. High Contrast: High contrast effect will give you a black-and-white sketch with bold black lines and shading. If there are any white areas, this preset will give it a light grey shade, and dark areas will be completely black.
3. Expressive: One of the most colorful presets, Expressive creates a colored sketch with many small details and lines instead of general shading. It suits most photos since it closely matches a detailed pencil sketch without looking artificial.

4. Pen: The pen preset is useful for practicing your drawing skills. Since it mimics the look of a pen, the lines are thicker and easier to trace. It works well for simple photos with few details, as the focus goes to the strong outlines instead of the shading and hatching.
5. Schematic: With the highest contrast level, the Schematic preset creates a completely black-and-white sketch without shading. You can use this if you want a completely white background with only bold outlines.

6. Pop Art: Probably the preset that suits all types of images, Pop Art creates a colored sketch with very thin, fine lines. This effect resembles lightly-colored sketches made with pencil very accurately and does not look like something created by the software.

Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter: additional options

Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter offers complete control over the process, and you will be able to control the type of shading used, texture, intensity, and colors used.
Additional options for converting Photo to Sketch..

Right below the Style and Preset options, you will see 3 other settings – Contour, Hatching and Colorize.

1. Contour: Contour settings affect the outlines and details in the photo. If you click Enable, you can adjust the Edge Strength, Smudging, Intensity, and Strokes. Moving the Edge Strength slider to the right will increase the level of details, and moving it to the left will decrease it. Increasing the Smudging will blend the lines with the background and give a paintbrush-type look. Adjusting the stroke settings will change the length and thickness of the lines used to create the drawing.

2. Hatching: Hatching refers to the crisscross pattern used for shading. Increasing the edge strength here increases the hatching in outlines while increasing curvature increases the hatching in detail areas. Midtone intensity affects the shading in parts that are neither very light nor very dark. You can even reverse the direction and look of the strokes using the dropdown options.
3. Colorize: You can enable Colorize to add color to a black and white sketch. There are two options under Colorize – Normalize Histogram and Color Shift. By clicking on Color Shift, you can choose which color will be used for the sketch.

Convert Your Photo into a Sketch with Colorize..

Best Online Photo to Pencil Sketch Converters

If you want a quick solution for which no software needs to be downloaded, you can use the PhotoFunia website online.

#steps: you can generate a pencil sketch within seconds by simply uploading the photo!

Open the PhotoFunia website. Use the search bar on the left to look for the Pencil Drawing effect.

How to Convert Photo into Pencil Sketch Online..

Click on the Pencil Drawing option to open the upload page. Select the image to be converted into a sketch.

Pencil Drawing Online..

If you want your photo to be colored, select the rainbow box. You can also choose the type of paper used as the background. Click on Go once you are done.

Convert Photo into Pencil Sketch Online..

Download the converted sketch!

Free Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter for Windows 11, 10

Windows 11 comes with a Microsoft app store that contains many photo editors. One of the apps designed to convert photos into sketches is the Pencil Photo Sketch Maker.
Pencil Photo Sketch Maker..

It is free and contains options like a black and white sketch, colored sketch, adding stickers, and writing text over the photo.
Although it contains a few extra filters and the option to doodle over the image, the conversion is only sometimes natural and realistic here. SoftOrbits Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter is a more advanced program and can generate sketches that look more natural.

Also, the Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter contains more options for customization and provides control over the shading and strokes used, along with more than a dozen presets. Pencil Sketch Photo Maker does not let you adjust important settings like edge strength, stroke thickness, and colors used.

Smartphone Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter Apps

While the Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter is designed for your computer, sketch apps are designed for your smartphone. There are many free apps available with different styles of pencil drawings, like the Pencil Drawing Art for Android phones.
Pencil Drawing Art..

This section will quickly compare Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter with Pencil Drawing Art to see which is best for you!

Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter

Pencil Drawing Art

Advanced program designed to work on your computerFree app for Android smartphones
Let’s you choose between 3 styles and apply presets like a felt-tip pen, schematic, color drawing, high contrast, pop art, etc.Contains only presets like soft pencil, dark pencil, color sketch, red and blue sketch, comic, etc.
Offers more control through settings for contour, hatching, and colorPresets cannot be customized, and only a few effects offer control over the intensity
Cannot add text or stickersAllows you to add text and stickers or draw over the image within the app itself

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