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Picture outline maker by SoftOrbits is a tool that provides the editing of digital photos using drawing and multiple effects options. Outline Converter Software Free Download.

Sketch Drawer Screenshot.

Many years ago, securing a developed picture was a very difficult and time-consuming task, and even capturing it was a very complex task. Even a few knew about the photography skill.
It is very easier now to edit a picture in any desired way and make it more attractive. This application, Picture Outline Maker, provided by SoftOrbits, is an amazing way of turning a picture into a sketch in just a few seconds.

Cat photo..
Convert cat image to outline..

Cat photo..
Convert cat image to outline color..

Digital pictures look more memorable and unique if the editing and effects are done by some tools that provide the desired results. A list of tools available on the internet and the market provides the facility and features of picture editing, designing the graphics, making outlines, and drawing or converting pictures into wonderful sketches.

Man picture..
Outline Generation for man picture..

The Photo to Sketch Converter tool provided by SoftOrbits enhances the style of digital pictures. This tool is specifically used to make a perfect outline of the fine line of the drawing. The features and options of this software work at an optimized speed, and one does not need to wait for more than a few seconds.

You will see many options for choosing presets, and you can decide the look of the picture into which you want to convert it. It comprises a few simple and easy steps to make an outline or turn your photo into an amazing sketch completely.

How to use Picture Outline Maker Software?

Here is a step-by-step method for the conversion of a simple digital picture into an outlined image:

How to use picture outline maker software (step by step)

Open the picture outline maker app, or if you can not install it on your PC for any reason, you can access the software through the official website of SoftOrbits.
To convert an image to an outline, there are some best options and effects that you can choose to apply to your picture.
From the user-friendly interface of the Picture Outline Maker tool, along with multiple editing options and choices, select the Add file(s) option.
Add image to convert to Outline..

Choose the picture from the device you want to upload for conversion.

Choose image to convert to Outline..

You can also select multiple pictures from your device to change into drawings.

Outline Converter for multiple pictures..

There will be an option presets. This is an up-to-down menu of multiple options for the effects you can choose for pictures.

Select the preset of Picture Outline Maker..

You are allowed to choose from options either you want to apply the black and white effect on your picture or drawing with color effect.

Add color for Outline Converter..

After selecting the features of the outline, of having to select the color scheme, edges, hardness, and texture of the image to get the desired results.
If you want to revert or undo a sketched area of the image in this software, you can do it.
You have to select the part of the picture you want to revert to. Then click on the Undo brush and cancel the sketch effect from the picture. And by doing this, your picture will be converted into a perfect combination of colored and sketched pictures.
Click on the Run option, and the image will be transformed into an edited picture. Click on the Save button and your picture. It will be saved in your device storage.

Converted Outline image..

Sketch Drawer Sketch Drawer

Sketch Drawer: a Handy Photo to Sketch Converter

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This is how you outline an image.

Features of Picture Outline Maker

  • This outline maker allows you to create awful sketches of your digital pictures.
  • It includes different types of presets according to a variety of sketches.
  • Using one preset of Picture Outline Maker one can easily convert a digital picture into a wonderful sketch.
  • After turning a picture into a perfect sketch, one can also add a watermark if he wants to secure his picture.
  • Many types into which a picture can be converted, such as Realistic or Classic sketches, are available.
    Choose presets for Picture Outline Maker..

  • Each of these sketches has its own presets, so that using these features becomes easier.
    Modify your own preset..

How to outline an image in Photoshop?

Here is a step-by-step procedure for outlining an image in Photoshop:

If you want to outline the whole picture rather than a particular part, it will be the border of the whole picture.
Outline picture in Photoshop..

Double click on your layer of the picture, a menu of Layer Styles Panel will be opened.
Tyles Panel in Photoshop..

Choose your desired Stroke style and select its type to Outside.
Stroke style in Photoshop..

Now change the color scheme and width of the outline that you want
 a color scheme for Outline in Photoshop..

You can also press the Ctrl + J command to do so.
Converted Outline image in Photoshop..

Now save the converted picture into a folder on your PC.

You can also outline a photo in Photoshop using the abovementioned method.

Picture Outline Maker

Many online picture outline makers are available on the internet. Editing digital pictures and adding various styles to its background is common and easy. This is because of various tools provided by many websites and software companies. There is a specific tool by SoftOrbits that is used to convert images from digital to sketch and provides many other pictures outlining effects.
Another feature of this software is pencil sketching which makes the desired part of the image into an adorable pencil sketch. This pencil sketch tool enables you to revert the sketch for some of the areas of the picture very easily.

The SoftOrbits website and application of SoftOrbits provide many tools like Picture Outline Maker or picture resize to edit and draw pictures. This photo outline maker software works so smoothly that one will enjoy using it. Unlike other image editors, this outline editor works flawlessly with optimized speed. Moreover, it can be done without long-term experience with picture editing, sketching apps, or experience with professional artistic tools.
Nowadays, editing pictures and turning digital pictures into desired effects or any style. Softwares like the Picture Outline Maker provided by SoftOrbits are very responsive, and its menus and functions are easier to use and understand.

Online Phone Outline Converter

Here is a sequence of steps that you can use to convert a photo to an outline Online:

Open the website, and you will see a user-friendly interface with multiple tools and options for editing, styling, and outline images online.
Open Online Outline Tool..

Open the Picsart Sketch Effect program and explore the results.
To outline an image online, click on Add File(s) to upload the picture from your selected folder.
Add image to convert Outline Online..

You can also select multiple photos at the same time; now select the effect, either black and white or any other, from the given menu of presets
Before saving the picture, select the color scheme and hardness from the options.
Photo to Outline Online..

You can simply download your picture, and it will be saved in your device storage.

Best Photo Outline Maker Apps

There is a list of outline-maker apps that allow you to turn your picture into an outline with incredible effects. Every app comprises its unique method of outlining pictures or turning them into a sketch. These selected outline picture apps are compatible with both IOS and Android. Here are two of them :



Here is a step-by-step guide on converting photos to outlines using the app of Procreate.

How to use Procreate Image Outline Maker App

The object that needs an outline should be on a single layer and solid.
The layers panel and yours should be on a similar layer as the object.
Tap the tool of selection and make it automatic. The color fill should be turned off.
Choose negative space at the object’s outside.
Tap the button Feather at the toolbar bottom. Using a slider, you can increase the amount of feathering. 3 % to 6 % feathering usually gives the best results for this software.
Now, copy and paste it. It would create a new selection layer.

h3 Affinity


Here is how you can outline a photo in the Affinity Designer app.

  1. Select the text that you want to outline.
  2. Find the color panel so that you can supply stroke and fill.
  3. In case you are just looking to make an outline, you can click the icon of no fill.
  4. For applying a stroke to the object or text, click the icon of the outline. You can also choose the stroke color for this.
  5. By navigating to the panel of stroke, adjust its alignment (inside of stroke, center, and outside) and width.

This is how the outline converter apps work.
Many other apps like Photoshop CC, Corel Painter, Paintstorm Studio, etc.

Best Free Picture Outline Maker Software



This image outline converter software may seem complex for new users or beginners as it comprises many professional tools for professional photographers or designers.

  1. It includes sophisticated tools for graphic designers and photographers.
  2. This software is commonly used for graphic designing and as an illustrator.
  3. It also provides an excellent choice of photo to outline drawing free.
  4. This software is a responsive and customizable picture editor.
  5. This product was created as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. As Photoshop is a huge and little complex software, and its features and menus are a little difficult to understand and use.
  6. This app includes getting rid of creating drawings from scratch.
  7. This free software provides layer-by-layer of your picture for drawing.
  8. As you know, every task needs a separate environment; therefore, GIMP gives you a chance to show your creativity and customize everything the way you want it to be.

You can start from the theme of the widget, and it allows you to alter widget spacings, icon sizes, and colors to customize the things you like from the toolbox toolsets. Its interface gets modulized into the docks, allowing you to stack them into tabs or keep those open in their custom window. If you press the key “Tab,” it will make those hidden.



  1. An updated version of this photo outline maker software is very flexible and works quickly.
  2. Many of its features change and edit pictures in a few seconds and only require a short time for processing.
  3. There is another paid version of Krita specifically made for Windows 11.
  4. It doesn't slow down the performance of the tools as the user enhances any picture by using more than one tool.
  5. It can compete with Adobe Photoshop as it provides additional functions besides a drawing tool.

The selections in the Krita picture outline maker software allow one to pick the specific artwork area that needs to be changed. The feature is very useful if a person is looking to move, transform, or paint on a painting section without affecting the others. Selection tools are available in the software that can be selected in various ways. The selection cannot only be made in the canvas boundary; therefore, it is possible to select portions from outside the boundary.

Picture outline maker by SoftOrbits is a tool that provides the editing of digital photos using drawing and multiple effects options. Outline Converter Software Free Download.
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Sketch Drawer Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

Get the image you want to edit. Open the Picsart picture outline maker and add a white-colored background to it. Outline the desired part of the image. Add basic effects and colors. Remove the layer of the outlined picture before saving.

Open the Illustrator. To use it as an image to outline the converter, choose a file and add a picture to the illustrator document. Select Add New Stroke from the Appearance Panel and the outline project you want to do on the picture and save.

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