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Use the best photo enlarger software like SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher to enlarge any image without losing quality. Get Free photo enlarger app or find good online service.

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Importance of an Image Enlarger Software

You can only sometimes carry your camera around with you. Some moments are so rare and so sudden that you have no option but to take a photo quickly with whatever you have. It might be a smartphone or your friend’s compact camera.
In cases like these, where you cannot control the photo's resolution or change the settings much, photo enlarger software becomes important. No matter the camera quality, a lossless image enlarger will help you increase the resolution and give you a full-sized photo without reducing quality!
Today, we’ll learn about a few programs – some that can are free to download – that can help you enlarge your photo and change the image size easily.
Lossless enlarger..

How to enlarge an image without losing quality?

An image enlarger software works by analyzing the pixels of a photo and then replicating them to increase the resolution. But this multiplication of one pixel into many can reduce the quality.
With smart programs like the SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher, you need not worry about that!

Enlarge an image without losing quality..
How to enlarge an image without losing quality..

The advanced algorithms of the SoftOrbits Photo Restoration Software can increase your photo’s resolution without losing quality. You can set any size and aspect ratio you want, and the software will enlarge the photo accordingly within a few seconds!
And the Photo Retoucher software is so easy to use that you don’t need to learn editing techniques or watch countless tutorials like Photoshop and Lightroom. Follow the steps given below:

How to use Photo Enlarger Software without Losing Quality

And your photo will be set to the right size with a few clicks.

Add the file after installing

First, download photo enlarger software and install it on your laptop or computer.

Once the installation is complete, open the program and click Add File to open the image you want to resize. You can also drag and drop a photo into the program screen to upload the photo.

If you have multiple photos to resize simultaneously, you can use Batch Mode by uploading all the photos simultaneously!

Photo Enlarger Software..

Open the Tools menu

You will see a menu bar with options like Edit, View, Help, etc. Click on the Tools option.

A list will show where smart tools are available – from object removal to concealer brushes for portraits. The Resize option will be available here.

Importance of a Photo Enlarger Software..

Use the Resize option

When you click Tools > Resize, a small dialog box will open. You can use this to define whatever width and height you need for your photo. For example, you can change a 500 x 500 photo into 500 x 1000!

If you want to maintain the aspect ratio of your image and keep the proportions constant, check the Maintain Original Aspect Ratio box.

Photo Retoucher also gives you another shortcut to enlarge your photo. You can click on the 2x box to double the size directly!

Enlarge your photo..

Make other adjustments if needed

This best photo enlargement software gives you additional options like adding effects, adjusting the brightness, saturation, etc., smart cropping, and switching width and height to match long sides. Use these options if you need them.

Adjustments after enlarge photo..

Step 5: Click Resize

After making all the adjustments, click the Resize button at the bottom. Your new photo will be ready in a second!

Photo Retoucher program..

SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Old Photo Restoration Software

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Is there a photo enlarger for other image formats?

The most common image formats are JPG and PNG. But there are other formats like CR2, NEF, RAF, etc., which different camera manufacturers use.
If you shoot RAW very often or need to keep converting different formats into JPG before you can resize them, you can check out SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer.
Combining the features of a power converter, image enlarger software, and a basic photo editor, Batch Picture Resizer is an all-rounder tool that works for all purposes! Along with these main tools, it offers options for adding watermarks, renaming multiple files, and other tools to help your workflow.
Let us learn you can begin enlarging your photo, GIF, PNG, or any other format while converting it to the same software!

How to Use Batch Photo Enlarger Software:

Add file

Follow the same steps as explained earlier. Open photo enlarger software and click the Add File button.

Powerful converter..

Adjust the size as needed

Once your photos are uploaded, you will see various options like Resize, Convert, Rotate, Effects, and Tools. Click on Resize to enlarge your photo per your desired dimensions.

If you want to resize many images in one go, select all those photos from those you uploaded using your mouse or hitting Ctrl + A on your keyboard.

You can type in the height and width you want in the text box provided – in pixels or inches. You also have a Pick Standard Size shortcut for selecting common formats like 1080p, 720p, etc.

Pick Standard Size..

Convert if required

Just beside the Resize option, you will also see a Convert option. Photo enlarger software contains the tab for Output Format, where you can select the format you want for the enlarged file.

Photo enlarger for other image formats..

Extra options

You can use Batch Picture Resizer to add effects, watermarks, special prefixes, or suffixes to identify the final image or adjust the exposure and colors.

Whatever adjustments you make will get applied to all the photos you selected in Step 2! This will help you save time while enlarging and converting images.

Put watermarks in photo enlarger software..

Click on Start

After setting your size and choosing the output format, click on Start. All your photos will be processed and saved within a few seconds!

How to enlarge an image using Photoshop?

Photoshop is an advanced image editor with dozens of sophisticated tools – one of them being image enlargement with different types of resampling options.

We’ll learn about this in the section below!

Go to File and select Open

Open Photoshop and load the image to be edited by selecting File > Open.

Enlarge an image using Photoshop..

Open Image Size options

From the Image option in the menu bar, select Image Size. A dialog box will open where you can enter the new pixels or resolutions you need for the image.

If you are going to print the photo, you can also adjust the Document Size.

How to enlarge an image using Photoshop..

Select the resampling mode

Resampling mode refers to how Photoshop creates new pixels to enlarge your image.

The Bicubic option is great for enlarging photos where you want to make everything sharper. Photoshop will calculate the average of many pixels and create new ones.

If your photo has a lot of noise and you want to make everything smooth, select the Bicubic Smoother option.

Bicubic Smoother..

Click OK

That’s it! Click on the OK button to save your resized photo.

The Best Photo Enlargement Software of 2023

Along with Photo Retoucher, Batch Picture Resizer, and Photoshop, you can try out a few more programs for photo enlargement. Let us review a few of the best ones!


GIMP is an open-source software that comes with many advanced options. And it’s completely free!
Another great thing about GIMP is that it has an option for Fractal resizing, which uses a mathematical function to create new pictures and gives even better results.

How to use photo pixel enlarger functions of the GIMP

to resize your image using the Fractal enlargement technique:

Open GIMP and click on File > Open to upload the image for resizing.


Select Image > Scale Image. A dialog box will open containing the different sizing options.

Resize your image using Fractal enlargement technique..

Enter the new pixels you want. Use the dropdown option on the right if you want to set the size in inches, centimeters, or other units.
Select the interpolation method. This is the fractal enlargement option that gives the best results.

Interpolation method..

Once you’re done, click on Scale! Your new image is ready.

Enlargement technique gimp..


Available for Windows, IrfanView image enlarger software requires a nominal subscription if you will use it for commercial purposes. It’s free for personal and educational use.
Like GIMP, IrfanView also has an option for fractal resizing! Here’s how you can use it:

How to use IrfanView as a photo enlarger software

Download and install IrfanView from the web. Open your image.


From the menu bar on top, select Image. A dropdown will open, containing an option called Resize/Resample. Click on that.


Use the Set New Size option to enter the width and height you want. You can also choose one of the standard sizes from the right.

Set New Size..

Under Size Method, select Resample > Lanczos. Also, check the Apply sharpen after Resample option.


Click Ok and save your image!

ON1 Resize

If you are a professional photographer and frequently need to edit and resize your images, you can try ON1 Resize, which has just launched a new 2023 version.
It requires a paid subscription but offers excellent results using its advanced Genuine fractal enlargement techniques, which are even better than Photoshop. You can easily change a 480p photo into a 4K wallpaper without losing quality here!
Using it is easy too, and tons of user guides and tutorials are available on their website to help you.

With so many options to consider, you might need clarification. But don’t worry! Go through the comparison table below to see which image enlarger software will be the best for you.

SoftOrbits Photo RetoucherGIMPIrfanViewON1 Resize
SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher..



ON1 Resize..

Both Photo Retoucher and Batch Picture Resizer are free to try the best photo enlargement software and are available for Windows.Available for free and works on Mac and Windows.Requires subscription and can be used on Mac and Windows.Requires subscription and can be used on Mac and Windows.
Contains options for both resizing and conversion of formats, along with filters, sketch effects, etc.Does not offer direct conversion of RAW formats but allows resizing.Does not offer direct conversion of RAW formats but allows resizing.Does not offer direct conversion of RAW formats but allows resizing.
Easy to use, allows adding watermarks, renaming all files, and other options.Easy to use, but no direct options for adding watermarks. Tools like clone stamps, adding layers, etc., require practice.There is a direct option for resizing, but using other tools requires some practice.Easy to use, but not a lot of editing tools or filters available like in GIMP and Photo Retoucher.
Batch Processing of any number of images simultaneously.No batch processing.No batch processing.No batch processing.

Are there any free online photo enlarger tools?

If you do not have your laptop or cannot install any programs, it is always great to have a few online options ready.
These will help you resize your images quickly with only an internet connection!


Free online photo enlarger program..

A completely free photo enlargement software built specifically for enlarging photos with one click, ImageResizer is a great backup option to help.
All you need to do is open the website, upload the image, and manually choose from the zoom factor or type in the new size. This program allows resizing up to 500% and offers cropping and compressing tools too!

Topaz Gigapixel AI

Topaz Gigapixel AI..

Gigapixel AI is an excellent tool for resizing photos online and comes with face refinement and sharpening features for portraits.
It is not only easy to use but also has direct buttons for increasing the size of your image by x2, x4, and x6, and even batch processing.
Because of its advanced AI algorithms, there’s almost no noticeable loss in quality, and the program lets you enlarge photos up to 600%. The only drawback is that the free trial lasts for 30 days, after which you need to pay for a subscription.

Best Photo Enlargement App for Android and iPhone

We often use our phones to click photos, but their resolution can get so low that you cannot see the scenery properly or people's faces in a group photo.
With these smartphone apps, you can enlarge the photos from your phone directly!

Enlarge & Correct Image

Enlarge & Correct Image..

Enlarge & Correct Image is a basic photo enlarger app for Android phones that can be downloaded for free. Enlarge & Correct Image works by letting you expand a photo by zooming in or typing in a custom size.
Before you save a photo, you also get a preview to check the final quality. And this app works for JPGs and PNGs!

iOS Crop & Resize

IOS Crop & Resize..

Designed for iPhones and iPads, Crop and Resize gives surprisingly good results for a free photo enlargement software app.
Along with the option to enter manual sizes or choose presets, the app provides batch processing options, filters, and color effects. A premium version of this best photo enlarger app can be bought for around $5!



Built by Google, Snapseed is one of the best free photo enlarger software for Android, with many useful tools like spot healing, dodge and burn brush, curve adjustments, and face enhancers.
The Expand tool in Snapseed can help you resize photos. Although you cannot manually enter the size you want, you can tap and drag the edges of a photo to upscale or stretch it in size!

Use the best photo enlarger software like SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher to enlarge any image without losing quality. Get Free photo enlarger app or find good online service.
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🙋Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to make small adjustments only and upload your photo on Instagram, apps like Snapseed and Crop & Resize will work well. You can check out Instagram image enlarger apps like Photo Retoucher and IrfanView for more advanced resizing.

Softorbits Photo Retoucher is the best software for enlarging photos. It can easily enlarge Facebook profile images increasing their resolution without losing quality.

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