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Best App to Remove Object from Photo. Download SoftOrbits Unwanted Object Remover to remove any unwanted object (free to try)

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Images are made beautiful by light and composition. After spending so much attention and energy on taking the photo, the last thing you would want is an unnecessary object distracting the viewer.
This is why every photographer must know how to remove objects like watermarks, date stamps, logos, unwanted crowds, etc. Removal tools can help you do this easily and maintain clean, smooth photos!

Best Software to Remove Object from Photo

As a photographer, your images should grab the attention of the audience. If any unnecessary objects are in the way, the photo will not have the same impact. Therefore, cleaning up a photo and removing watermarks, date stamps, logos, and automatic labels used by free apps to remove objects from photos is an important step.
With SoftOrbits Watermark Remover, you can easily mark the objects you want to delete and let the software remove them. A color selector feature lets you choose the area to be deleted by its color, which is even more accurate.

The advanced algorithms of this program will analyze the pixels and clean your photo without disturbing the background or leaving any gaps. You even have options like Batch Mode, Clone Stamp tool, and a Smudge brush to manually remove any distraction!

Best Photo Editing App To Remove Objects from Photos

Learning how to use software where you can remove objects is easy, and you only need to follow a few easy steps.
That’s the best thing about Unwanted Object Remover - you do not have to be familiar with advanced editing and Photoshop to use this. It is user-friendly and quick!

How to use an app to remove the object from a photo

This is the easiest method to delete watermarks and date stamps. You only have to mark the required area with a pencil and let the apps that remove objects from photos do the job!

Add a file to photo into remove the object from the photo app

After you have installed the Unwanted Object Remover program on your laptop, you need to open it and load the photo you want to edit.

Use the Add File option to open the image; drag and drop it into the program.

Remove Unwanted Objects using Unwanted Object Remover..

Mark the object to be removed

Open the Remove object from the photo app, and in the toolbar on the right, you will see a pencil-shaped icon, which works as the marker. Click on this and paint over the object you want to remove while left-clicking the mouse.

Whatever region you mark will get highlighted in red color. You can zoom in a bit to ensure you select the correct area and cover the entire watermark, but you need not be 100% accurate. Unwanted Object Remover can differentiate between the object and the background!

Mark the object to be removed using Unwanted Object Remover..

Click on Remove

Your work is done once you click on the Remove button! The app will automatically remove the selected object from the photo without disturbing the area and fill in the gaps to give you a clean image.

Any watermark, logo, scratch, skin blemishes, or wrinkles can be removed with just three steps!

Unwanted Object Remover result..

Photo Stamp Remover Photo Stamp Remover

Watermark Remover Software

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How to use the Color selector to remove objects from a photo

If your watermark is spread over a large area, and the quick removal method isn’t working, you can try to mark the watermark by its color. It will help the Unwanted Object Remover app detect the object better and make it more accurate!

Add file

Add the image into the app, where you can remove objects using the Add File button or by drag and drop method.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos using Unwanted Object Remover..

Use the rectangular marker

We’ll use a rectangular marker instead of a pencil for this method. You will see that as one of the options under the Tools tab of the app to remove objects from photos. After you select the rectangle icon, you can left-click and cover the object to be removed with a rectangle.

If your watermark is curved, you can also use the freeform marker so that you can adjust its outline according to the shape of the watermark!

Use the rectangular marker Unwanted Object Remover..

Select the color marker

You will see a magic wand icon on the right of the rectangular marker. This is the tool for selecting the color of the watermark.

Once you click on the wand icon, your mouse pointer will change into a cross. Use this to select the watermark color from the area you marked in Step 2. For example, if your watermark or date stamp is yellow, select that.

This step is important because now the best way to remove the object from the photo app knows that it has to look for only that color within the marked area. So it can judge the difference between the watermark and the surrounding background more accurately!

Select the color marker to Remove Unwanted Object from a Photo..

Click Remove

Click on the Remove button and watch the unnecessary objects get deleted from your photo. You can now save the edited image!

Unwanted Object Remover result..

Using the Clone-Stamp method to remove objects from photos

If you want to remove the watermarks or logos manually, use the Clone-Stamp method. It allows you to select a clean area and paste it over the object to hide it fully!

Add file

Use the same Add File option to load the image.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos using Unwanted Object Remover..

Select the Clone Stamp tool

You should see a stamp icon on the right under the Tools tab. Select this to enable the cloning and stamping features.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos using the Clone Stamp tool..

Clone a clean area

Now, you must select the source area – the pixels used to cover the watermark. While holding down the Alt key, click left over the clean area.

For example, if your watermark covers the blue skies in your photo, you must select a clean blue area as your source. It should merge well with the background!

Clone a clean area for Removing Unwanted Objects..

Stamp over the watermark

Once you select the region that matches the background, release the Alt key. With only a left click, paint over the watermark.

The object will get covered with the source you selected. By zooming in and out, you can ensure that your cloning and stamping are more accurate and do not disturb the other parts of the photo.

With so many different methods of removing unnecessary objects and distractions from your images, Unwanted Object Remover is easily one of the best tools for image editing.

Unwanted Object Remover result..

How to Remove Object From Photo Photoshop

If you already use Photoshop for image editing, you can use its healing brush and clone stamp tool to erase any logos, wrinkles, and blemishes.
Photoshop even has a content aware option, which allows Photoshop to remove objects even more accurately!

How to Remove an Object from Photo in Photoshop (step by step)

Create a new layer

After you open the image in Photoshop, go to the Layers panel. Double-click on the original layer to create a duplicate.

Using a new layer will ensure that the original image is not disturbed if you make any editing mistakes.

Open photo to Remove Unwanted Objects in Photoshop..

Select the healing brush

Under the toolbar, you will see a Spot Healing brush in the form of a band-aid icon. This brush will be used to click and erase the object.

There will also be a few additional options like the size of the brush, Mode, and Type. Make sure that the Type is Content-aware, and turn on the Sample All Layers option too.

This will help Photoshop analyze all the pixels and use the information from the original layer to ensure no loss of detail once the watermark or wrinkles are removed.

Select the healing brush in Photoshop..

Make small clicks over the object

Now that your smart removal brush is ready, you only have to left-click over the distractions to delete them. You should zoom into the photo and use lots of small clicks for a natural result!

You can take care of any logo or wrinkle in your photo with three simple steps. You can check out a few Photoshop tutorials and blogs online if you need to make more adjustments.

Removed Unwanted Objects in Photoshop..

How to Remove Objects from Photos in Lightroom App

Like Photoshop, even Lightroom has a simple healing brush that can be used as an app to remove objects from the pictures.

How to Remove an Object in Lightroom (step by step)

Open the Develop module

After you load the photo in Lightroom, click on the Develop option from the menu list on top. This section contains various options, including a grey circular icon – the healing brush.

Remove an Object from a photo using Lightroom..

Adjust size and opacity

On clicking the healing brush icon, you will get two options to adjust – size and opacity. Make sure the size you select can cover the whole object.

When you left-click on the spot, Lightroom will clean it up and replace it with clean pixels. It will show where it picked the clean pixels using a white circle. If you are unhappy with the automatic result, drag that white circle to tell Lightroom to use a different source area.

Adjust size and opacity using Lightroom..

Delete the object and save

With the correctly sized brush, you can remove watermarks and date stamps with just a few clicks. By combining a healing brush with the ability to select the source of clean pixels, Lightroom gives you an all-rounder tool to remove distractions!

Result How to Remove an Object using Lightroom..

Free Apps to Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos Online

For those of you who want to edit photos on the go and need to do it quickly without any app to remove objects from photos, you can use the online website Inpaint.
Designed especially for object removal, this online program is easy to use and gives quick results.

How to use an app that removes objects from photos?

Open the Inpaint website.

Removed Unwanted Objects free..

Click on Upload Image to load the file from your computer or phone.

Upload photo to Remove Unwanted Object online..

A red marker will be selected by default. You can directly start marking the area you want to remove. Adjust the size of the marker as required.

Marking the area unwanted Object online free..

This is an additional step that is completely optional. If you want to manually choose the source area for clean pixels, you can select the green marker and highlight that first.
Click on the Erase button on top and wait a few moments. Inpaint will automatically clean your photo. If you have also followed Step 4, Inpaint will use the area you have selected to replace the marked object!

Inpaint result..

The only drawback of Inpaint online is that you can only upload files less than 10 mb, and there’s no batch processing. You can download the full version of the app, where you can remove objects for Windows or Mac!

Best Apps to Remove Object From Photo

If you frequently use your smartphone to take pictures, you must keep an object removal application handy for quick editing. Here are some of the best ones!

Best app to remove objects from photos for Android

The Android Play Store offers many options for removing objects using a healing brush. But the best app to remove objects from photos is Snapseed!

How to use the Snapseed app to remove unwanted objects from the picture

Developed by Google, Snapseed contains highly advanced tools like curve adjustment, head poses adjustment, double exposure, and spot healing.

Download and install Snapseed from the Android Play Store.
Open the image you want to edit. Click on Tools.
Select Healing from the list. Your image will now be fully visible, and you can tap on the area you want to clean.
Zoom in and out to ensure the area you click on is manageable. You can remove only the distraction by zooming in without disturbing the background.

Pixelmator app for iPhone

For iPhone users, the best app for removing unwanted objects from photos is Pixel It offers very advanced editing options; you can even use it to create graphic designs and pixel art.

Alternative Free Online Photo Editing App to Remove Objects

If you are looking for free online tools which can delete objects, another option you can check out is
Fotor. It is an online website where you can import your photo and use the Clone brush to replace an unwanted object with a clean background.

Fotor is free to remove objects from the photo app and is very easy to use!

Open Fotor using the link and add the photo you want to repair.
Select Beauty option, then click on Clone.
Click on the clean part of the image you want to use for covering up the object. Then make a left click and paint over the object. Fotor will use the cloned area to replace the bad area!
Save the changes and download your final image.


Best App to Remove Object from Photo. Download SoftOrbits Unwanted Object Remover to remove any unwanted object (free to try)
 Download for Free
Photo Stamp Remover Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

you can try apps like SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now to remove watermarks and other objects from videos.

Yes, Affinity Photo is an advanced editing program available for Windows and Mac. It has options like inpainting and cloning for removing objects.

After Effects is a program by Adobe that can remove watermarks and logos from videos by tracking those bad pixels. A free trial is available, after which you will have to buy the full version if you decide to use this app to remove objects from photos.

We suggest using Photo Stamp Remover to remove objects from the photo app.

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