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How to Remove Depositphotos Watermark without any Traces? Download Depositphotos Watermark Remover Software to process dozen of files in a batch mode. Free ty try.

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What is Depositphotos?


Like Shutterstock, Depositphotos is an online platform for buying and selling photos. The company was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev and provides royalty-free stock photos, vector images, video clips, and editorial files.
Apart from providing a great opportunity to earn money by selling your images, Depositphotos has a huge collection of almost 200 million files you can buy for displaying on your website, using them for logo designing, creating posters or t-shirts, and much more. It also offers almost 70,000 photos for free, which you can use without paying anything!
Depositphotos has annual and monthly subscription plans at about $0.25 per image, in case you need content regularly. There’s also an on-demand pack for buying only one or two images!

Is it illegal to remove the Depositphotos watermark?

Photos that are available for free usually come with a watermark over it. It can be plain white or a full grid of translucent text containing the photographer's name.
Watermarks are used to identify the original creator so that no one can steal another photographer's work. That is why removing a watermark and using a photo commercially or even suggesting that it is your image by removing the photographer’s identity is illegal!
You can Depositphotos watermark remover only in a few limited circumstances, like private use only – where you won’t be sharing the photo anywhere – or for educational purposes, or when you have paid for the photo and taken the license from the original photographer. So, always be careful before removing watermarks!
Illegal to remove Depositphotos watermark..

How to remove the Depositphotos watermark?

Here you will learn about the Depositphotos Watermark Remover, a program designed to identify and remove watermarks.
It is easy to use and does not require you to be familiar with editing techniques!
Depositphotos Watermark Remover has many different tools to erase the DepositPhotos logo, and we’ll discuss them all!

How to remove Depositphotos Watermark - Marker method

The easiest option is to use the Marker method to remove the Depositphotos watermark or other objects. There are only 2 main steps involved in this!

After installing Depositphotos Watermark Remover, open the file to be edited using the Add File option.

Remove Depositphotos watermark by Marker method..

You will see a toolbar on the right, with the heading Remove. Click on the pencil icon under it. This pencil is the marker you have to use to highlight the watermark.

How to remove Depositphotos watermark by Marker method..

With a left click, begin marking the area to be cleaned up. Ensure you cover the entire Depositphotos text, and try not to disturb the background. You can zoom in and out to make this step easier!

Remove watermark by Marker method..

Once the watermark is highlighted, just click on Remove! Depositphotos Watermark Remover will clean the selected area and fill any gaps automatically.

Result from removing Depositphotos watermark by Marker method..

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How to remove Depositphotos Watermark - Shape Selection

Yet another method using a Depositphotos Watermark Remover is the Shape Select method. This is the quickest method to save time and can even be combined with the Color method for accuracy!

Add the image you want to edit. Click on the dotted-line rectangle from the Remove menu.

Remove Depositphotos watermark by Shape Selection..

Make a left click and drag your mouse pointer over the area to be cleaned up. You will see a rectangle is created as you move the mouse. Make sure that the rectangle covers the whole watermark! You can also use the curved Lasso selection tool if the rectangle cannot fit over the watermark. As an additional option, you can also activate the Color selector here for more accuracy.

How to remove Depositphotos watermark by Shape Selection..

Hit Remove! Depositphotos Watermark Remover will analyze the rectangular area, detect the watermark pixels that do not match the background, and remove them.

How to remove watermark by Shape Selection..
Result from removing Depositphotos watermark by Shape Selection..

How to Remove Depositphotos Watermark - Color method

The Color method is useful for complex watermarks, which are not getting removed by simple highlighting. Using this tool, you can remove the Depositphotos watermark based not only on the marked area but also on the color of the watermark. This makes the Color method very accurate!

Open the file to be edited in Depositphotos Watermark Remover, and highlight the area to be cleaned up using the pencil like before.

Remove Depositphotos watermark by Color method..

Under the Remove toolbar, you will see a magic wand icon alongside the pencil icon. Click on this to activate the color selector.

How to remove Depositphotos watermark by the Color method..

Using the wand icon, go to any of the areas you had highlighted earlier and select the color of the watermark. For example, if it’s yellow, only click on the yellow part.

Select the color to remove watermark..

Now, Depositphotos Watermark Remover knows that it has to remove only the yellow areas within the earlier highlighted areas. All you have to do is click on Remove now!

Result from removing Depositphotos watermark by a Color method..

To get the perfect results, you should always combine different methods and see which works best! Some watermarks blend in with the background, so you might have to spend more time on such images.

Alternate methods to remove the Depositphotos watermark

There is one other option available to you without using Depositphotos Watermark Remover. It is easy, free, and available by default on almost every phone and laptop – Cropping!
By cropping a photo, you can remove the Depositphotos watermark and cut out the part containing the Depositphotos logo.
While you will lose out on some resolution and slightly change the composition of the photo, cropping is a great solution when you want quick results and do not have any special Depositphotos Watermark Remover software installed!

How to use the crop method?

On a smartphone: Smartphones have their default apps for viewing photos, usually called Gallery or Album. iPhones come with Photos.
These apps have editing options like cropping and adjusting brightness and saturation. You have to click on the Editing option and look for the crop icon, which looks like a square photo frame.
Crop method to remove watermarks on a smartphone..

On a laptop: Similar to mobiles, laptops have in-built programs for viewing photos, which usually have basic editing and cropping options. Windows has an app called MS Photos, which has an option called Crop and Rotate.
On MacBook, you can use Photos, which is pre-installed. When you open an image in Photos, you will see 3 options on top – Adjust, Filters, and Crop. Click on the Crop tab to crop freely or follow a standard aspect ratio.

Crop method to remove watermarks on a laptop..

Best Online Depositphotos Watermark Removers

Apart from downloading programs like SoftOrbits Depositphotos Watermark Remover, there are also a few online options for erasing watermarks and logos. These are a good choice if you are traveling or need help installing editors on your laptop.
With only an internet connection, you can upload your image and remove watermarks! But remember, removing a watermark is illegal since you are hiding the creator's identity. Ensure you remove watermarks only if you are not sharing the photo anywhere or have paid for it!


Inpaint has an online Web version and a downloadable program. Using Web Inpaint is a great Depositphotos Watermark Remover solution. Just follow the three steps given below:

How to use Inpaint to remove Depositphotos Watermark

Use the link provided to open Inpaint in your browser. Use the Upload button to add the photo you want to edit.

Online Removers for deleting Depositphotos Watermark using Inpaint..

Select the marker – given as a red dot – and highlight the Depositphotos watermark with a left click. If the watermark is very small, you can decrease the size of the marker too.

Select the marker using Online Remove Watermark using Inpaint..

Click on the Run button and download the edited file.

The result Online Removers for deleting Depositphotos Watermark using Inpaint..


Aiseesoft is a free online watermark remover that follows the same steps as those needed for Depositphotos Watermark Remover. You can upload your photo and use a brush or a shape selection tool to mark the area and clean it up! Just follow the three steps given below:

How to use Aiseesoft to remove Deposit Photos watermark

Open Aiseesoft on your laptop. Click the Upload Photo button to load the image.

Free online watermark remover..

Choose one of the required marking tools – polygonal selection or a normal brush. If you select the first option, you must define a rectangular shape by making a left-click for each corner. Ensure you click four times around the Depositphotos watermark to enclose it within the shape fully!

Online Removers for deleting Depositphotos Watermark using Aiseesoft..

Click on the Remove button and download the new file!

The result free online watermark remover..

Which is the best Depositphotos Watermark Remover software?

Choosing which is the best is a bit difficult. It will all depend on how many photos you need to edit and how frequently.
The following comparison between three great programs should help you decide!
SoftOrbits Watermark RemoverInpaintAiseesoft
Depositphotos Watermark Remover..



Not available online. Software must be installed on your laptop.Available both as an online version and as software.Cannot be installed. You need an internet connection. But completely free.
No limitation after you have installed it. Accepts all file formats, including RAW.Limit of 4.2 MP photos, or a size of 10 MB only. Does not recognize all file formats.Does not recognize all file formats.
Different marking tools available, along with color selection and a Clone-Stamp tool.No color selection possible.No color selection possible.
Also has a Batch Mode for removing watermarks from multiple images.No Batch Mode.No Batch Mode.

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