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How to make blurry pictures clear? Download the best app to clear up a blurry picture. It can easily make blurred pictures clear. Free Download.

Easy Photo Unblur Screenshot.

Photos are a must part of trips and daily exciting activities. We always take out our cameras or phones to capture an exciting or important moment to keep the memory with us for a long time. However, sometimes our cameras cannot capture the exact moment; even if it has captured it, the image is blurred. This is mostly disappointing, and we have to delete the unsuccessful attempt.
Developers saw this rising problem and made tools and software to remove blur from photos. These tools are efficient and can easily sharpen blurry photos to bring back your favorite moment. Some tools are very complex, and mastering them takes time since they also provide several other facilities. There are others that are simpler to use and can efficiently solve your problem in minutes.

App to Clear Blurry Pictures

Many tools and image-clear software have been created that make the image less blurry and bring the original version of the picture back. Some are difficult to use, but others can clear your pictures with just a few clicks. One of the best apps to clear up a blurry picture is SoftOrbits Photo Unblur Software.
The best software to make blurry photos clear..

This software is made to remove blur and sharpen image resolution to make it perfect. It has many complex algorithms and artificial intelligence technology working in the background, focusing on the unblurred part of the image and removing it. Some of the algorithms working in it include Sharpen filter, Fast Fourier Transform, and the blind deconvolution technology, which work together to reduce blur and focus better on the image.
The best feature of this software is that the program is intuitive and will automatically fix the unblurred parts for you. If some parts are still not done properly, you can always clear the blurs manually. This software can remove censors from images as well.
Easy Photo Unblur is very easy to use, and you do not need any advanced and complicated technical jargon to work on it. Another feature of this software is that you can enhance the image quality and change the image's gamma, contrast and brightness. They will produce your images in HD quality. Sometimes after clearing the blur from the image, some spots or digital noise are left. This can be adjusted with the Denoise feature that this photo clear app.

How to make blurry pictures clear

SoftOrbits Photo Unblur Software can easily make blurry photos clear with a few clicks and a complex algorithm working in the background. You do not need to know much graphic designing or other advanced knowledge to use this software. It is exclusively made for people who just want to clear their favorite pictures that are slightly blurry.
Using this image-clear software is easy, and your job will be done in a few minutes.

How to correct a blurry picture?

You must follow the few steps below to correct a blurry picture.

Download and install the SoftOrbits Photo Unblur Software.

Open Easy Photo Unblur program..

Open the image that you want to unblur from the device’s gallery. You can see the image in Preview mode.

Add image into Easy Photo Unblur..

There are many presets available already. They include Strong, Medium, Soft, Gentle and Light. Mostly the software will automatically fix the blur; if not, you can check these presets.

Make Blurry Picture Clear with Easy Photo Unblur..

If the automatic process doesn’t work, you can manually remove the blur. For this, you can adjust the image's detail level and smoothing radius. Alternatively, you can adjust the denoising options, including post-processing and preprocessing, to clarify a blurry picture.

Select additional options Easy Photo Unblur..

After the image is unblurred according to your requirements, you can select the destination folder and Save the image there.

Select preset to Make Blurry Picture Clear Easy Photo Unblur..

Easy Photo Unblur Easy Photo Unblur

Unblur Image in Just a Click

 Download for Free

Another great feature of this app to clear up a blurry picture is the Batch Processing Mode. You can upload multiple files or the whole folder of blurry images at once. The software will use the option you have selected once and apply it to all the images at once. It will save a lot of your time and energy.

How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best image manipulation tools in the industry. It has various manual and automatic ways to remove the blur from images. The manual method is very easy to use, and even if you do not know how to use Photoshop, you can easily remove the blur that is destroying your beautiful picture by following the steps below.

Open Adobe Photoshop and from the file, open the image you want to fix.

Open Photoshop to make a blurry picture clear..

Click on the image and duplicate the image layer.

Duplicate blurred image layer Photoshop..

Select the duplicated layer.
After that, go to the menu bar and from Filter, select the Other option and then click on High Pass. This filter can help you to sharpen a blurry photo.

Click on High Pass Photoshop to reduce blur..

From a pop-up dialogue box, adjust the value. The higher the set value, the better and sharpened the image will be.

Select radius of High Pass Photoshop..

The image will look like dark charcoal now. Go to the blending options and select Hard Light.

Hard light effect Photoshop to make the blurred photo clear..

After that, change the opacity to whatever fixes the picture best. The blur will be gone now.
From the File option in the main menu, Save your resultant image. That is how to make the blurry image clear using Photoshop.

Save deblurred photo in Photoshop..

There is also another option to correct a blurry picture which you can use the Shake Reduction Filter. This filter focuses on the parts that are blurred on their own. You can do that yourself if it hasn’t focused on all the parts. Many options will be given in the dialog box, out of which you can choose the best one and adjust your image accordingly to make blurry pictures clear. You can save the image after the blur has been completely removed.

How to make Blurry Picture Clear Online

You often want to clear the blurry pictures only once or twice and not many times. In such cases, downloading the whole software is like a waste of space. For this, developers have created many tools to clear blurry pictures online easily. They ensure that there will be no security issues and that your photos will not be leaked as well.
Some of the top online tools for clearing blurry pictures are given below.

Fix the Photo

Fix the Photo..

This is one of the oldest online tools that can clear blur and is still very useful up to this date. It was first released in 2003 and has many features for image manipulation.
The best feature of this tool is that it will automatically remove the blur for you, and you do not need to make any manual adjustments and selections. After you are done, you can easily download the images. This tool has the option of uploading and fixing multiple images at once. You can also buy the premium version, which will allow you to remove blur from unlimited images.

Online JPG Tools

Online JPG Tools..

This is one of the simple online tools that can easily unblur images. You have to go to the website and upload your image. It will set the image in the preview mode, and you can slide the sharpness mode to remove blur until satisfied.
This software also has other image editing options, which makes it one of the best online editing tools. Before downloading, you can preview what your result looks like and can then easily download it.

Best Blur Photo To Clear Photo App

Nowadays, phones are commonly used for everyday operations, and many people do not carry laptops or tablets since almost everything can be done on phones. Owing to this, many great photo-clear apps exist in both Android and iOS operating systems. They do not take up a lot of space and are very easy to use.

Best Android Blur Photo To Clear Photo Apps

Transferring blurry images to laptops to fix them and transferring them back is a real hassle. But nowadays, mobile apps have solved this frustrating concern. Android has many great blur photo-to-clear photo apps; you can download them to your gallery. You can download these apps easily from the Google App Store. Some of the top ones are described below.

Enhance Photo Quality

Enhance Photo Quality..

This is one of the best photo-clear apps on the Google Play Store. You can download it and use it easily. You have to upload the blurred image and then make some adjustments until the blur is gone and the image has become sharper.
However, it would help if you were careful not to sharpen it too much since it would destroy the original image and quality. This app is free to use and download. A downside of this app is that ads are continuously being shown at the bottom. But as compared to the many features and uses it provides, having such a small disadvantage can be ignored.

Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro..

This blur-to-clear image converter works best when sharpening images and removing blurs. You have to upload the image, and from the menu bar, go to Sharpen and then adjust it until it is to your liking. After you finish, you can click the tick button and save the image.
This editor also has a similar problem with advertisements in between working. But you can buy the premium version, which will rid the app of these annoying ads, and you can edit pictures anytime.

What Is the Best iPhone Photo Clear App

IPhones are known for their amazing camera results and high-quality pictures. However, sometimes you are trying to take a picture of an exact moment, and even the iPhone disappoints you. No need to worry. There are many apps available in the Apple store that can easily remove the blur for you in minutes.
Some of the top apps rated the highest and loved by many customers because of their amazing blur-removing features are given below.



This is one of the best apps for removing blurs. Other than this, it provides multiple features and functionalities. It also has many settings options that allow you to manipulate images. You can also create filters and adjustments with this app to correct a blurry picture.
To unblur the image, select the image from the gallery and options, and choose the Sharpen option. Then you can adjust the setting until you find the best result. If you buy the premium version of this app, then you also have the Clarify tool. This tool makes the image clearer and automatically adjusts Exposure and contrast.

Focos App

Focos App..

This app may have many image manipulation features, but it is the best for sharpening images and removing blurs. It has advanced settings similar to a DSLR camera. You have to adjust many settings to ensure the blur is gone.
First, adjust the Aperture in that the image focuses more on the image and reduces blur. The smaller aperture means that there is less blur and more focus on the image. After that, adjust the focus. You can also adjust the contrast that will differentiate between the image at the front and back. This way, you will get an image that will not blur at all.

How to make blurry pictures clear? Download the best app to clear up a blurry picture. It can easily make blurred pictures clear. Free Download.
 Download for Free
Easy Photo Unblur Screenshot.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

You can remove blur from the image in a few ways. One way is to use blur to clear image converter software by softorbits. This software promises to fix camera shake, motion blur, and out-of-focus blur in your photos. Another way to clarify a blurry picture is to convert it to a vector graphic. Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves instead of pixels, so they can be scaled up or down without losing quality. This means that you can enlarge a small portion of your image without making the rest of the image fuzzy. Finally, you can use smart deblurring.

There are many online tools available that can remove the blur from images easily. These tools do not need extra space and will do everything on your browser. You have to open the tool and then upload the image. Some tools automatically clear the blur. There are others that allow you to make extra adjustments manually. Some of the popular ones include Fix the Photo and Online JPG Tools.

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