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How to convert HEIC to PNG format? Download HEIC to PNG converter software to process dozen of files!

HEIC to PNG Converter Software | Free Download.

HEIC Format is the extension used by the new iPhones and iPads when they save pictures taken in the new HEIF ( High-Efficiency Image Format). This new format uses significantly less space. However, you may need to convert these photos to JPG or PNG format so that other applications will support the file.
HEIC to JPG converter software download - here is a link to a simple program that is easy to use, and it allows you to convert your photo files so that you can use any format you need to share, upload, or publish your photos.

How to Download and Use the HEIC to PNG Converter Software on Windows 11, 10

Add HEIC files into the HEIC to PNG program

This HEIC to PNG converter software program is user-friendly. When you open it, your pictures will appear across the top. You can add one by clicking Add Files if one isn't there. You can also add an entire folder. You can remove those pictures that you do not want to edit.

Add HEIC files..

Chose resizing and conversion options

When you select a photo, you can resize it and use tools and effects for editing. Once finished, you can choose a destination and click on Start.

Software to convert HEIC to PNG..

The heic to png converter software program will quickly convert your photo to the new format. It will be ready to upload to any social media site or send in an email.

You can save the new photo, but saving files on your computer in the HEIC format is recommended as it uses less disk space.

HEIC to JPG Converter HEIC to JPG Converter

HEIC to JPG Converter Download for Windows 11, 10

 Download for Free

Features of HEIC to PNG Converter Software

This program has some great features. Not only can it convert HEIC files to JPG, but it can also convert HEIC to PNG. The HEIC to PNG converter download also offers batch mode to convert many different images simultaneously. You can drag and drop your images and click convert to change the file type. You can also rename a batch of images at the same time.
Add HEIC files to convert..

You can convert them between different formats as well.

Select PNG to convert from heic..

If you need to change the canvas size, that is possible, and the program supports RAW images.

Resize canvas..

The program also offers automatic level adjustment and color optimization.

Resize HEIC images..

This HEIC-to-PNG converter software works with Windows PCs and laptops. The most important feature is that you can easily take the original image and convert HEIC to PNG or JPG to upload your photos to social media or publish them. Because HEIC uses so much less disk space, you should consider storing the files in the HEIC format and converting them when you want to share.

Alternative ways to convert HEIC to PNG

Other HEIC to PNG converter software downloads and online tools also offer this conversion. Take a look at the following:

CopyTrans Photo

This HEIC to PNG converter download offers a simple solution for converting your photos from HEIC to JPEG. It does not offer PNG or other formats but is simple to use. After you install the program, you can click on Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans, and it will create a new file.

Copytrans photo..

It also allows you to hook your iPhone to your computer and select the pictures you want to convert and import. You can import them in HEIC, JPEG, or both HEIC and JPEG. While these are nice features, you shouldn’t need copies of both formats on your computer. SoftOrbits HEIC to JPG Converter allows you to easily change formats when you need to and make more efficient use of your disk space by storing files in the HEIC format.

CloudConvert - Online HEIC to PNG Converter Tool

This is another online HEIC to PNG converter website, which is free to use.

Cloud convert online..

This online HEIC to PNG converter allows you to select the quality of the pictures you are converting. It also allows batch resizing. You simply choose the pictures, choose the quality, and tell it where you want to store the files. Then you click on Convert, and your files will be converted.

HEIC to JPG Converter offers more features, but this program offers a similar conversion.

Best HEIC to PNG Converter Software for Mac

iMazing HEIC Converter for Mac

If you are a Mac user, this is another software to convert HEIC to PNG MAC that allows you to convert images from HEIC to PNG.
Imazing HEIC converter..

You must drag and drop the photos onto the converter screen, which converts them. This program is simple to do, but it doesn’t offer many features.

IOS Built-in HEIC Converter

An option in IOS allows you to automatically convert your HEIC images to JPG as you transfer them to your PC. You can do the following:
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Click on Photos.
  • Select the Formats.
  • Select the Most Compatible option.

Ios HEIC converter..

Using this feature will allow you to automatically convert your photos to JPG when transferring them to your PC using a USB drive.

Transfer HEIC Images by Email

When you transfer your photos by email, they will be automatically converted from HEIC to JPG. This makes it easy to email photos from your iPhone and makes them easy for someone else to open. When they arrive on your computer, they will already be in the JPG format.

How to convert HEIC to PNG format? Download HEIC to PNG converter software to process dozen of files!
 Download for Free
HEIC to PNG Converter Software | Free Download.

🙋Frequently Asked Questions

The best format to store your photos is HEIC. You will use a lot less disk space, and you can convert any picture when you are ready to email it or share it to social media.

You can transfer your photos in several different ways. You can email them or send them to your computer via USB. You can select a batch or send one file at a time. You can also choose an entire folder.

You can add text to your photos. You can also add a logo or an image watermark. Your photos can be safe and customized with this HEIC to PNG converter software.


The new HEIC format allows you to take photos and store them on your phone or PC. Some applications do not support this format, so you must convert HEIC to PNG or JPG to share or upload them to social media. However, HEIC uses less disk space, so that you can store photos in this format. HEIC to PNG Software is a user-friendly program that allows you to convert and edit your photos easily.

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